Fairy Tale! The world's most well-known fairy tale. An idle mobile game called Fairy Tale Empire is coming soon. Let's take a look at some attractive activities in Tales of Fairy Empire.

Character Creation Events

7 Days Login Online every day to receive the "Daily 10 Summons" and other generous rewards, and you can also get classic fairy tale characters on 2nd, 3rd & 7th day: Snow White, Prince Charming, etc.
Weekly 7-day Login Activate automatically when initial 7-days login event is over. Login daily to receive attractive rewards like 5-star hero random pack and self-select hero shards pack. Accumulate login for 4 weeks and you will have enough self-select hero shards to summon 1 hero of your choice!
Seven Day Goal Complete specific tasks to get fabulous rewards, and reach a certain number of points to receive treasure chests. The final prize is "3000" diamonds & Altar orbs for 10 consecutive draws!
Main Quests Complete various main quests to get heroes and upgrade resources. This can quickly level up your hero.
Achievement Quests Achieve various achievements to obtain resources, gaining experience every 5 levels and 10 consecutive draw rewards.
Daily Check-in Log in every day to receive various resources, diamonds and VIP experience points.
Friend Invitation Enter referral code and when friends reach the specific level or combat power, they can get rewards. The more referrals you have the more rewards will be given.
Weekly Allowance Receive diamonds and different types of consumables rewards every Saturday, Sunday and Monday

New Server Events

New Server Level Rewards Receive fabulous prizes when your newly created characters reaches the required level. Rewards are limited server-wide so be sure to level fast!
Fairy Tale Adventures Event This event last for a month and players have to achieve daily, weekly and monthly targets in order to receive the rewards. You can also enhance your rewards, receive special portrait design and title by purchasing the RankUp Card.
Super Value First Top Up Topup any amount and you can get three sets of one-star premium orange equipment in three days, as well as the classic fairy tale character "Little Red"
Great Value Top Up Only $14.99! Simply recharge to $14.99 to get up to three sets of "Four-Star Premium Orange Equipments" worth 50,000 diamonds!
Super Value Package After the server is opened, accumulated recharge reaches 100 diamonds, a 2-hour novice discount gift package will be opened for a limited time. 8 items which are rewarded are 928% of the package value. Absolutely a package not to be missed.
New Server Special Package A 7day limited time package with discounts of up to 80%! The new server special package will be automatically removed after 7 days..
Weekly Tasks Complete the task requirements to get all kinds of fabulous rewards.

Turn Stone into Gold Event (1 week), complete the specified task and be rewarded with 5-star [Puss] hero fragments
Voyage and Treasure Hunt Event (1 week), complete the specified task and be rewarded with 5-star [Gothel] hero fragments
Expedition Elite Event (1 week), complete the specified task and be rewarded with 5-star [White Witch] hero fragments
Blitz Fighter Event (1 week), complete the specified task and be rewarded with 5-star [Ursula] hero fragments

Pre-registration Events

Submit your email address to get "300 diamonds & 10 summons chances"
After the number of registrations reaches the milestone, the redemption code will be unlocked and the reward will be displayed. The redemption code can be used to get rewards in the game.